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We are now exclusively distributed by our friends of YOUNG AND COLD RECORDS, who are doing all the mailorder for us from now on.
You can still browse our releases at the GENETIC MUSIC SHOP, but we have closed down our own mailorder. We have been struggling for a while to proceed your orders promptly enough. This is how it goes sometimes, things happen in life and you need to make changes…
Please check the YOUNG AND COLD SHOP if you want to order our releases or of course loads of other great music they have in store.
Thanks for your support!! 🙂

Latest releases:

UV Pop UV POP – Sound Of Silence – CD

PatrikFitzgerald PATRIK FITZGERALD – Gifts And Telegrams – LP

VSorX V-SOR,X – A Strip Of Light But Still Too Dark – CD

UV Pop UV POP – Bendy Baby Man / Anyone For Me – CD

Lower Synth Department LOWER SYNTH DEPARTMENT – Deep Within The Frame – LP

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