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Lower Synth Department

Lower Synth Department rose from the ashes of Les Sirènes Débrouillardes in 2010 as a solo-project of the founder of the latter band, Sebastian H., and has been completed with Kyoung-Hi R. on electric bass guitar, synths and vocals in late 2010. The music of the band is deeply influenced by and related to the experimental electronic music of the late 1970s and early 1980s, that was made in Sheffield by bands like The Future/The Human League, Vice Versa, Cabaret Voltaire, or by the formerly in Preston based musician Colin Potter and a few American avant-garde artists, pioneering in electronic music, like John Bender. Although the band is very careful in creating a minimal electronic sound, obviously appearing vintage in itself, it is produced in a hybrid way, by using analogous procedures and modern techniques of production as well. So in the end Lower Synth Department is concerned with post-minimal electronics so to speak.


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