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Baard is the name of the first ever music project of Alexander Bard, who is probably best known for being the founding member of „Army Of Lovers“. Other projects were Barbie, Vacuum, Alcazar, Bodies Without Organs or these days the band Gravitonas. Alexander Bard has also worked as songwriter and producer for several other Swedish artists. He has written successful books together with Jan Söderqvist about the internet revolution, he is a philosopher and lecturer, follows the religion of Zoroastrianism, he is openly bisexual and active at such events as gay pride, he is a TV personality in Sweden e.g. as a judge on Swedish Idol and he has partly owned Stockholm records and is still involved in internet and music related businesses.

His musical career started when he recorded the BAARD songs with the help of just a Casio toy synth. The „Life in a goldfish bowl“ Single was the only ever BAARD release and came out in 1982 on Apollo Records Sweden. It has been reissued twice on genetic music 20 and 30 years later in 2002 and 2012.

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