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Der Künftige Mußikant

Der Mußikant is Rolf Schobert from Stuttgart, recording countless hours of music in the early 80’s. German DIY underground with great vocals. Cult just as much as his other project called HEUTE, a duo together with G.A.W.

My music is like the loud singing or whistling of an anxious boy in a dusky forest: Self-encouraging and banishing evil spirits at the same time.

The first home made cassette tape came out in 1980: „Mord und Totschlag“ – produced with a polish tape recorder which had multiplay function, as well as a Yamaha CS05 – in a small room – in a small town…

This was the beginning of Der Mußikant. The „ß“ or „german sharp s“ was abandoned later on!

Then these tapes followed on bu/bu – Musikverbreitung:
Nr.2: „Schöne Musik für schöne Menschen aus einer schönen Welt“ (1980)
Nr.3: „Unerhört“ (1981)
Nr.4 :„Huch“ (1982)
… and then the EP „VEITSTANZ“  on Mike Just’s label SCHROTT (1982)
Nr.5: „Kleine Seele springst im Tanze“ (1983)

Der lustige Musikant
Der ewige Musikant
Der künftige Musikant
Der Musikant
Der Mußikant


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