Hidden Agenda

USA // California



Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda was Mark Foster (synthesisers, drum programming), Bruno Seiler (synthesisers, vocals) and Walter Stowe (vocals, synare), with the addition of Mark Lane on Electro-Harmonix Mini-Synthesizer on some recordings, from around Ventura, California USA. In 1983, the cassette tape “Few Decisions” was released on Idiosyncratics featuring 4 tracks incl. “Life at the Top” which became a hit in the underground clubs. The band’s music was based around a Roland TR-606 drum machine and triggered analogue synths, adding melodies, synthetic percussion, and male vocals, think of IKO’83 as a comparison.
Another demo tape had been recorded but never been released. In 2009 the band dug out both tapes and had them baked and restored at the original recording studios (Goldmine in Ventura) to be remastered and reissued on genetic music.

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