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Minimal dystopian post-something written and performed by Patrick in Chicago.

Using drum machine, mono/poly synth, guitar and voice Patrick is creating a mix of electronic experimental minimal synth noise postpunk. Steady blips, crashs and thumps of antiquated analog and early digital rhythm machines coupled with the alternating smeared fuzz and coldwave bite of minimalist guitar clanging. All nestled between layers of analog synths guiding the melody and blurred vocals adding texture. Unur became a working project in the summer of 2010. It is a reflection in two senses of the word… a bouncing back of images of the environment in which Patrick lives, it is also a look inward to the ideas and perversions one finds in themselves going through life always asking questions and trying to understand why we do what we do to ourselves and each other as a species. It isn’t always pretty in there and that’s o.k. Or in short Unur is about three things: Sex, Death, Synthesizers.

Patrick also runs his own diy tape label called ‚Modern Tapes‘.


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