The Beautiful Losers

UK // London



The Beautiful Losers

The Beautiful Losers was a 3 piece band from London around Philip King (LUSH, The Servants, Jesus & Mary Chain). Their 1980 recordings are real gems of early post punk and now released on vinyl & digital for the first time. Reminiscences of Joy Division or The Sound come up, not surprisingly as the songs were produced by Adrian Borland (Second Layer, The Sound) whose influence is very obvious. He also played piano and sang backing vocals. Even though The Beautiful Losers‘ story is very short, their fantastic songs belong into every early 80s wave/punk collection and are a must-have for Phil King and Adrian Borland fans. This EP is a great document of an inspiring time in music. All songs have been restored from original tapes and mastered again by the original engineer Nick Robbins who has amongst many others also worked on The Sound and Second Layer recordings in the 80s.

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