I Scream Brothers

UK // Doncaster



I Scream Brothers

The ‚I Scream Brothers‘ were founded by Mark Hughes and Phil Shephard in Doncaster (UK) in 1980 and were joined shortly afterwards by John K. White. The band played gigs around the north of England and recorded a few demo songs. There have not been any releases, except a compilation appearance on the ‚Your Secret’s Safe With Us‘ LP and two songs were re-recorded and produced by ‚Cabaret Voltaire‘ for the ‚5 Miles To Midnight‘ compilation LP in 1981 (the first release of Marcus Featherby’s Pax Records label). After the ‚I Scream Brothers‘ split up, Mark and Phil formed ‚Shout The Shout‘, a more mainstream project and John White went on to work on his solo-act ‚UV Pop’…

The I Scream Brothers demos come out on genetic music in September 2015, on a split release called ‚The Cellar Tapes‘ together with early UV Pop recordings.

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