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V-Sor, X

V-Sor, X is correctly spelt like this with a comma, but computers „think“ comma separation means two different artists…. so in the official fields on here we have to leave the comma out. Modern world!

V-Sor, X is the project around Morgan Bryan, who started playing guitar some time in the 70’s. The band had several line-up changes and therefore style changes from post punk experimental through electronic to guitar based alternative. Some of the main and most constant other members were Ian Rowlands, Alastair Boyle and Rob Derbyshire. In the DIY, punk and new wave era they played many gigs in England and their songs got positive response by John Peel. A collection of their more synth based tracks has come out on genetic music.

Morgan has always and still continues to play music, these days with his band Morgan Bryan And The Art.

A very enjoyable and more detailed band biography can be read on: http://www.dxdx.com/vsorx/index.html


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