Twilight Ritual

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Twilight Ritual

Since 1982 Twilight Ritual is the laboratory for expressionistic and minimalistic music of Geert Coppens and Peter Bonne. Both have been involved in many different projects like e.g. Autumn, Linear Movement, A Split Second, but Twilight Ritual has always been a project between just Geert and Peter, with no-one else being involved. In contradiction to their other projects, they have kept this one to themselves.

TWR produced tracks during 1982-1984, which were more elaborated than in the other projects. Many of the tracks appeared on compilations, before finally the spanish independent record company Auxilio De Cientos was interested in releasing a full length album of TWR. Finally, early 1985, the album ‚Rituals‘ was released. This album is now a collectors item and genetic music has reissued Rituals on CD in 2005.

By the end of 1985, working together on TWR became more difficult, as both Peter and Geert moved out and lived quite far away from each other. Moreover, Geert started focussing yet more on graphical arts, photography, video, painting and studying art history, and Peter started to be enganged in A Split Second as his project with Linear Movement came to an end. They recorded some last tracks in 1985 which are available on the tape ‚The Factory Scream‘.

The return of Twilight Ritual with ‚Organic‘ in 1996 was not a prolongation of their former work, but in a complete new genre. The band then continued in the same style with the release of ‚Full Moon‘ in 2000, and in 2003 engaged in a second CD called ‚Painted Wall‘, in which they focussed on their old love of ambient music. From this material, and using new work, Twilight Ritual designed the concept performance ‚Nocturnal Transmissions‘, from which a CD is made available in 2003 too.

Twilight Ritual, Autumn and Linear Movement also all appeared on the compilation 3LP Box ‚Reminiscent‘ on genetic music in 2004.

(text excerpts for this short biography have mainly been taken from the band’s website www.micrart.com, please check there to see the full story)

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