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Profil is the band of Heinz Robert Martin, well known for their early 80’s releases during the German „NDW“ movement. The biggest hit was the 1981 Single „Berühren“, which has remained an NDW classic and the follow-up 1982 LP „Profil“ is still considered a milestone of the NDW genre. Heinz Martin has started making music in the early 70’s in the psychedelic band Kalcakra. Even though with a bit of luck the Profil LP can still be found in second hand shops or at flea markets, Heinz always would have loved to see it come out as a picture vinyl. Also it has never been available on CD or digitally. So we are happy to release this classic album as a limited picture LP accompanied by a CD featuring 3 bonus tracks (the maxi Version of „Berühren“ and two other early B-side songs). The CD is also available on its own of course. The Picture LP will be part of an exhibition in the Ruhr Museum in Essen/Germany this year (05.05.2016–28.02.2017) called „Rock und Pop im Pott“ which tells the story of 60 years of music in the Ruhr Valley in Germany.

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