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Scarlet Architect

In the autumn of 1981 two members of a four piece Chicago new wave band attended a Kraftwerk concert. As they left the venue following the show they decided to let their drummer go, buy a few analog synths and become Chicago’s first Techno Pop band. All of their gear now could fit within one scruffy, vintage suitcase. They became euphemistically referred to as “The Band in a Suitcase”. In their brief three year career Scarlet Architect opened for many international acts and headlined at most of Chicago’s premier clubs including Joe Shanahan’s “Club Metro”. An EP was independently released containing the single “Rose Grey”. The song reached and remained in the International Rock Pool Top Ten for ten consecutive weeks. This exposure, a few midwest U.S. tours and some intrepid exchange students who carried copies of the EP to their home countries, achieved for the band an International Cult Status. This record contains many of the songs that were destined for the band’s first LP had they not disbanded in 1984. “Eternal Return” is finally being released in 2015! All tracks are remastered and available on vinyl (ltd. edition of 300 copies) and on CD or as digital download (both incl. 2 bonus tracks). Scarlet Architect are also heading over to play some shows in Europe to celebrate the record release…


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